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Laced, Layered & Striped


ain't it funny

the title says it all.. 
laceups looking pretty & the obsession with Kmart continues.

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Quite a While


It's weird to think about how your whole life is working 9-5 for most of us or like me 8.30 -5.30. It's been hard to adjust to it and at the back of my mind knowing that I want to blog and be more of a blogger in terms of getting into PR etc so hopefully I'll have more to look forward to once I get into the groove of things.

It's been about a month and a half and it's definitely getting easier, so I'm excited for the future and to see where I'll end up.

For now I guess my instagram and snapchat @septemberandmay is the most active.

Hopefully I can sort of something for a Christmas giveaway but for now I guess it's just me trying to figure out everything properly haha

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Currently #34 Remedy This


this post is hella late

a lot of food pics in here

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Cloud of Mine

finderskeepers / past / friendofmine

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Blue Traveller ✈ ♒


blue / stripes / grey 

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All I See is Changes


changes / past me / so much sass

Outfits from a defining period of confidence, much less weight and more sass than I have now 

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Sabel My Heart ❤

sabel / lonely / past

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Olive You



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