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from about a year ago

What I wore to the Fashion Sessions, I figured I should dress UP a bit more for this type of an event. I am quite a minimalist, especially these days for Uni, I swear the only thing I wear is a white tee or else it takes me forever to find an outfit. Rihanna wore this a while back for her birthday and since then I scoured the net for it and finally got my hands on it; a definite keeper.

Hat - French Connection via ASOS
Dress - Finders Keeper's Friend of Mine dress via fforray (discontinued site)
Bangles - Hand-me-down (probably from Diva)
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs RG Chronography via ShopBop
Bag - ASOS
Shoes - Kmart

Location: Britomart Takutai Square

P.S. apologies for the creasy dress & BMW car in the background haha I didn't realise it was being captured

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