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this post is hella late

a lot of food pics in here

outfit  -preppy mix
see all pics here

spring is well and truly underway...

I cannot believe that it's already November and in less than a month I'll be getting on my first plane ride and heading off to Melbourne.. it's surreal! I've been getting into the Mon-Fri work schedule and it has been rather laxing on me. It's exciting to get into this and have life really start to tick .. and scary.. I have to really take in the time that I have spare and think further into the future. Hoping this will kick me into gear and light up that fire that I know I have inside me.

Also.. thoughts on the Social Media is fake girl.. my 2c is that no shit it's 'fake' just like how you meet someone and they won't know everything about you.. how seeing someone with make up on any day and without can be very differing lol. Life is a facet of angles and social media is one of them.. I haven't read all up on her and haven't watched the video but I feel like it's more so her own personal battle with how she felt she was being fake on social media.. not that it itself is. Instagram culture is tough.. fk yes it is.. but social media is paving ways for people that no other channel can do. 

So those are my brief thoughts.. not exactly clearly thought out but I feel like you'll get me haha

on constant replay

I became so enamoured by Jessie because of Lauren of the 
UK's current Xfactor singing her own rendition of 
the addictive melody that is 'say you love me'

another favourite

kind of, sometimes, maybe

remedy cafe

service is good
ambiance is so on point
much hipster 
food is reasonably priced and health conscious

St Heliers Bay Cafe

portions aren't so big for my lasagnette
Pizetta is legit life 

10/10 dessert

Dessert platter is life

Circus Circus

food was avg
would not recommend the cheese dip
fish dish was more so a risotto dish w/ fish.
I did like the fish dish - risotto has a lot of mint which I like
if you don't like mint you probably shouldn't get this haha
would still go back for the ambiance and to try other food

frasers desserts

creme brulee was very bad... the egg had cooked in the mix
toffee date pudding is sooooooo good and worth it
tiramisu - I'm not a fan in general of this dessert
banoffee pie was good !

the store britomart

looooooved it <3
service was great!
food was sooo delicious 
definitely want to get the gnocchi next time

Wishing you all the very best! 

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