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A Whole New World ☆


Yeah I'm pulling that Disney reference.

It's been an interesting year, a boring year for this blog but an exciting one for my instagram and for my life in general; a complete change.

I went overseas for the first time
I went on a plane for the first time
I went to my graduation ceremony
I got my first full-time job
I've lost family
I've had family be unwell
I'm growing up

The only thing that I feel I need to get onto is this place right here. I want to make something new.. I have been looking at new blog layouts for a long time now but never thought to go through with it.

I've been working on a Melbourne blog but the content just isn't quite up to scratch .. all I can say was that Stereosonic was fuc*ing amazing and the shopping wasn't as good as I expected (although I spent everything haha) and the guys weren't as hot as I expected.. lol I just had to say it

Goodbye to 2015 and Hello to 2016!

Here's a bit to my start to 2016..

 Hunua falls

  It's such a cute family spot and great for picnics

Silo Park Food Space

Find out more here

This was for two.. and we finished most of it

Dixie Barbeque:
Hushpuppies + Beef Brisket

The Little Yellow Food Truck:
Pork belly (minus potato pancake) and salad + Truffle Mac n Cheese

Mussel Up:
Corn and Cheese fritter

The weather was amazing as well
They have giant connect four and jenga as well!


Tattoo goals

Hoping like crazy that I get a tattoo at Seventh Day Tattoo Studio because of the amazing tattoo artist Tritoan Ly. Seriously check out his instagram, his work is amazing.

I've thought up of what I want along my inner arm - someone seriously needs to tell me what its called.. lol the inner arm area  between your arm pit and elbow. Anyways, I've decided to get a silver crystal type of drawing but more structural possibly.. also considering how it might look amazing as a sternum piece

And I guess I just felt like I had to end with this haha

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