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Melbourne ✈


Sunny Skies / Stereosonic / Explore

I did surprisingly less than I had envisioned. I honestly didn't realise how painful walking could be lol

 Welcome to bits and pieces of my Melbourne trip

 delayed from a 7am flight to a 2pm flight... thanks Jetstar.. never again
I got to fly on the window seat thanks to my friends! Truly an awesome experience flying for the first time !

Exploring Melbourne ⇱ ⇲

Chinatown Melbourne

Training from Footscray from always fun and we were so glad it was close by.
I loved the pops of graffiti everywhere. Melbourne definitely has character. 

Hosier Lane

These little paper people were so cute!

Brunch is always a good idea 

pretty avg tbh..since it's
 more like a pop-up and there's no where to sit
 apparently Nitrolab is good though

best xiao long bao evaaaa - we went to this place in the Central Melbourne mall
and there was Nene chicken there O:

This was on Swanson St - Mekong Vietnam

It is definitely sooo different to NZ, a depth to the broth that you just can't find in NZ .. just wish there wasn't any coriander..

hardware societe

Naughty Boy on Lygon^

Luna Park/ St Kilda's

Stereosonic ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █  ♬♪ ♭♫♪




Such an amazing experience!

Melbourne, you were pretty damn awesome.. I will definitely be back
P.S. be prepared for smelly streets and flies that are not one bit scared of you Zzzz
Check my instagram for more on Melbourne/ things I bought from Melbourne

PPS i tried uploading videos - took me about two hours.. my modem is so shit.. but it doesn't look like anything's showing :(

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  1. You're little trip looks so much fun. Was it really your first time flying? I've never been to Melbourne, but the graffiti walls looks really dope~

    1. Haha yeah it was! Hadn't left the country before until then :P

      Hosier lane was definitely one of the highlights :)

      Thanks hun <3



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