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show us your nudes


show us your nudes

more pictures of the dress on in post

I had to use a belt to make this dress petite-appropriate 
I chose to belt it right by the waist as it adds structure and height to this simple dress and makes it look less nighty-like

The split in the front middle also adds an edginess as it can look like a jumpsuit depending on how the wind blows and adds an element of sexiness.

I'm really liking the layered look as well.

Dress: Glassons
Shoes: Rubi
Sunglasses: Karen Walker Number Ones

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January Favourites ☆

january favourites
realising things / monkey / jdowling

Jasmine Dowling's new calender is everything right now

Jasmine Dowling's 2016 Calendar

it also comes with a cute checklist
'because I am crazy enough to think I can.."

A reasonable price (AUD $8) as well considering you can print off a ton of these checklists and keep multiple months for yourself

Find the calendar here

Mosquito Net

this was my sisters, she got it from Briscoes for $20.
 It's so handy and instantly makes your room look so chic

Kmart Glass Bottle x Nike Hat

This glass bottle was only $6 and so 'ig worthy' - it is pretty hard to clean though which has stopped me from using it, so if you're not into cleaning bottles maybe this isn't the best option haha. 

The Nike Hat is another favourite and definitely becoming a hot trend i.e. Kim K at Yeezy s3 and because clothesencounters said so.. yeah whatever she says goes.

Mauvey Nudes

I have been non-stop rocking this palette!  I mainly use the centre top two and the left bottom corner shade. I go for a smokey all over look and use my fingers most times.

The colour payoff for these shades is rather bad - the oils from my skin created a skin on the makeup straight away.. I've tried to take it off but to not much luck. The only shadow that has been consistent is the gold champagne one (i.e. top left corner) and the purple (i.e. bottom right corner). I would definitely recommend using water to create better pigmentation. 

Nonetheless I can't seem to stop myself from using it !


Boldly Bare (a pink nude)
Limecrime Velvetines Riot (a pinky peach mauve with more of a warm undertone)
MAC Velvet Teddy (matte nude with a slight orange undertone)_
Lord & Berry Natural  ( semi-sheen grey nude - very moisturising)

 My LLB 

*Little Brown Bag

I dug this up in my old room and was soooo glad. I had thought I accidentally threw it away but there it was hidden away in the depths of my old closet ( well more like sort of closet -ish thanks to my dad's taste for using wood from the big inorganic dump days). 

It is so cute and practical. Perfect for summer as well, it doesn't cling to my back and also has a zip compartment at the back as well (das safety kids)

These Glassons ripped boyfriend jeans  x Old School Japanese Magazines

My first pair of flattering white jeans (yay!) They actually fit me omg although in typical petite/pear shape it's fitting on the thigh but my waist is just a bit too small so there's a hefty gap. Luckily it's more of a low cut jean. 

Skincare - Brighteners and Moisturiser

Clinique Smart Serum
Good for wrinkles and brightening, when I started using it day and night I felt a change. Hoping that if I am consistent it'll work.

Palmers Eventone Dark Spot Corrector
This smells potent and I'm hoping it'll work, I initially wasn't consistent but have started to use it along with the smart serum. 

B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel 
Absolutely a must-have now in my routine 
It has become my favourite to put it. My skin just absorbs it all up and it has made the texture of my skin so much better (probably also due to healthier eating and drinking more water)

*hoping to do a separate post on my experience

Kayaking in Whangamata

I went kayaking in Whangamata and it was soooo good to do something active. We were suppose to kayak to Donut Island but the waves were too hectic (as you can see above haha) so we went to the shallow area and kayaked for an hour. My arms were tired after 20 minutes and it was such a struggle to get back but so rewarding and I managed to get some good tan on my shoulders, well more like a sunburn haha.


tasted so good and I felt so healthy drinking this (even though it probably isn't even healthy lol)

Saint Pizetta 

A solid favourite. I have been back for this on multiple occasions for the mushroom piztta and cannot seem to get enough haha.

St Helier's Bay Cafe


and of course something funny for my favourites and new favourite saying

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Favicon Blogger - for Rookies



this is so simple & easy, 
I definitely recommend this for anyone with their own custom domain/blog

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Just Mauvey


mauve / dusty rose / purples+pinks

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