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this is so simple & easy, 
I definitely recommend this for anyone with their own custom domain/blog

So, what is a Favicon? It's that little icon on the tab i.e. my little grey S next to my blog name. It was surprisingly easy and I love the difference it makes to my blog!

I used powerpoint to create the image I wanted

Choosing the font I liked, I chose to do a simple S and saved it through ppt. I made it size 110 for the font and made the size of the picture as small as I could to make sure the 'S' would be big in the saved image.

I saved it as a PNG to ensure the background was transparent

Now blogger makes this so easy! - You just add your image to the favicon icon you can find in your layout option - the only thing you need to ensure is that the image is square - I used www.picmonkey.com to do that

I just went to the resize option and chose the same dimension size for each - I think in this case it was 340x 340. I just chose whatever one of the current sizes was and rounded it up to the nearest 10.

So, I created the Favicon but it didn't work for me at first but then I found this and it fixed it up:
(basically helps you clear your cache for you)

Read More: http://helplogger.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/how-to-add-or-change-favicon-on-blogger.html
This was what I used to figure it out - I didn't even realise it was right there all along! haha

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