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mauve / dusty rose / purples+pinks

Happy Chinese New Year Eve y'all (NZST)

Mauve (dusty pinks and maroons) has fast become a popular look for eyeshadow
It's not boring but not so out there
And not to mention it looks great for us brown eyed girls

I'd love to see it transition into fashion, but for now dusty pinks have got me hooked.

Lime Crime recently released some 'mauvelous' shades, which I am definitely considering adding to the collection..

One of my favourites that I have seen recently is from Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters
She adds a pop of blue in the end but before she puts that on it's definitely a mauve brown look.

The first one that really changed my thoughts on pinks, mauves and even reds was this video from Soothing Sista that made me re-think, especially as it looks mad sick on brown eyes.

These two are also the cutest duo, I love watching their vlogs. 
Definitely check them out if you don't already know them!

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