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February Favourites


february favorites

 soar x whirl / g-eazy / lacey nudes 

I've been needing some nude flats that aren't just the typical flats. I saw these at Kmart and swooned!


Soar and Whirl are a combination from heaven and pretty damn good separately as well.

I find soar more complementary to my skin tone and would recommend Whirl for people with a darker skin tone. The mauve/brown lip colour is popular at the moment and I can definitely see why.

It's not just nude and it's not so in your face.
I find it perfect for work but also great with a dark eye look, especially brown/purple smokey eyes.

I prefer Soar, even though I initially thought it was going to be too pink but it has definitely won my heart. Whirl is amazing but just a little too dark for me due to the more grey undertone.

My lips naturally:

soar MAC liner

MAC Soar liner + Whirl lipstick

Here's a little comparison to Velvet Teddy as well
Velvet Teddy has a more peachy undertone which made it less prominent on my lips, which is why I wanted a deeper nude.

Top| Whirl ; Bottom| Velvet Teddy

G Eazy

I went to the Mai FM Freshman Tour and in all honesty, I just wanted to go to this for Jhene Aiko (if you don't know her already then you need to) but G-Eazy definitely put that concert on a whole other level.

He performed with soooo much charisma, talked to the crowd- made us feel so fu*king awesome and he performed for like an hour and a half. For only around $55 (after other fees) for a ticket it was damn worth it.

I am completely obsessed with his voice now and that swagger that he has is just so captivating - and that smirk doe

Me, Myself and I w/ Bebe Rexha

I Mean It (ft Remo)

Also if you don't know Jhene Aiko here are some songs that you need to listen to:
Spotless Mind, July (which is featuring Drake not the other way around) &Living Room Flow

goal - getting

Onceit sale -migoals

I recently got this hoping to write down my goals and keep myself motivated. It's honestly such a struggle sometimes to not just go to sleep after work but I have got to do it. This blog as well, is so helpful in reminding me.. now only to act on it haha.

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  1. I think Whirl looks great on you! I love velvet teddy though, it'll probably be my go-to lippy for work! And Kmart has literally stepped up their game i could spend forever in that store! x



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