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Oscar Wylee Review


oscar wylee / review / recommendations


8/10 experience

I was really happy with how easy everything was
I was lucky with shipping since my sister was coming back from Aussie at the time so I got free shipping thanks to that. I have heard that shipping from Aussie is in general really high so it doesn't seem so bad at $30 for some more stylish and far cheaper glasses. But that definitely was a factor with NZ exchange rates going lower and lower these days ..

The styles that they have on offer are good, obviously not as much as if you were in a store but for Australians they do get to try five on at home for free. I was lucky enough to choose two pairs that do fit my nose quite well

my prescription

Curently I'm around -4

The price is so good, especially compared to NZ.. it's crazy.. I paid $330 to change just the lenses (at Specsavers) for a pair of frames that I liked... I literally paid less for one pair of these glasses than I did for just the lenses...



The Chamberlain's are a wider fit but do still fit quite nicely on my nose.

This design is definitely my favourite and a popular choice from Oscar Wylee. I have been in need of a clear pair and in general a more 'fashionable' pair of glasses, so this has filled that void. I love wearing dark lipsticks with this and the idea that my eyes won't be so covered by my frames haha. I still need to push up my glasses from time to time since it is wider but that just comes with the oily skin life.


The Kelsey's in Midnight fits my bridge soooo well, so if you're looking for a nice fit for a low bridge (and I do have quite a low one) then this pair might be perfect for you! It's also a simple and versatile design.

I would recommend level upping in the thinning of the lenses for this frame. I chose the $100 thinning and I can still see some of the lens coming out of the frames :(
- The Chamberlain's are okay in this respect since the frame itself is thicker so it covers it perfectly

It's not the most flattering but it's my simple go-to glasses, that actually fit my bridge.

They were really tight on my face the first time I wore them but the second etc time it has been all good.

I got these with the tinted lenses as well, they look slightly creepy as they don't go that dark in the sun but I find them useful for driving and knowing that these are protecting my eyes.


  • Have a look through instagram under their #oscarwylee tag to look out for people with similar face shapes to you to have an idea on how it will look on your face
  • Choose something simple and everyday and one that is out of your comfort zone 
  • Know that the frames will always work (given they fit your face) as long as you have the confidence to rock it
  • If you have the funds, thin it down! You might get lucky with thicker frames but if not it will bug you!
  • This is a lot cheaper than your typical optometry store but keep in mind there are other online stores such as clearlycontacts and many more that can provide a much cheaper pair.
  • Oscar Wylee don't provide glass cleaner spray so make sure you have some handy, especially if you wear makeup (it can get so dirty!)

This isn't sponsored or anything by the way but being a glasses-wearer I really appreciate knowing about glasses and what they look like, especially on Asians who have low bridges.

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  1. Those glasses look amazing on you! It's so geeky chic <3 It's always a tough decision between buying it cheaper online or being able to try it in a physical store...

    1. Thanks so much Tiffany :)

      Yes omg ! I took the leap since I never really have luck in store anyways :P

  2. Hello, can i ask if they delivered the home try on to new Zealand? I'm just thinking about getting some for my mother in law.

  3. Hi, I just got my new pair of Oscar Wylees here in Australia and I was wondering how sturdy they are. Given your specs would be more than a year old now, how did they hold up? Many thanks. :)



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