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March Favourites 2016


gimmics + ricci + bad girls

it's not much for this month

coloured/ gimic caps are becoming my favourite street trend emerging right now. 
be it pizza, hello kitty or the middle finger, the fuqboi style is emerging.

I don't imagine it will last very long but for now it's refreshing to see a little bit more street rather than the chic or homeless capes that have been taking stage (where I am anyways). 

And a favourite spot : where the above picture was taken is Mondays in Kingsland. Such a cute spot to take a cheeky pic and make it look oh so ig worthy. 

Oscar Wylee Chamberlains

review here

To the Nines

Holy, mother of all fashionable blogger gods, I am in absolute LOVE with this channel and especially Ricci.

I swear I wanted her hair ages ago anyways but everthing about her is what I love.

Their videos are soooo addictive

I am in love with Ricci - everything about her is just so MMM! Her hair especially is something that I have been wanting for so long and her style is just so damn effortlessly cool

Olive & Frank

Bad Girls Club Bomber

I wish it wasn't plaid inside but the bomber itself has been a staple for me.
I wear it with everything now and bombers are definitely becoming a trend as of late so I'm glad I have one, albeit more on the jacket side.

Shipping is quite expensive so I would recommend shopping with some friends to share the cost.

I am yet to style an outfit for the blog but can't wait for when I do. I feel a 90s vibe going on..

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