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Palm Trees & Kitty Cats


Seventh Day

IG: @tritoanly_seventhday
@hannah_novart created the design and did the tattooing. She's amazing!

completely in love with this design

If you know Sailor Moon then I won't have to say anything .. but if not (I don't know how you possibly haven't seen it!) it's the 'silver crystal' and because it was a bit too geometric, Hannah and I decided on adding a realistic lotus instead and I'm in love with the outcome.

It wasn't painful at all really, the only thing was my hand got numb and I had little jolts.
The pain felt like someone scratching on me but it was more discomfort rather than pain. It also felt like a sunburn afterwards but after a day the pain was all gone.

Right now, it's just really itchy ><

Instagram Reboot

I've been really unhappy with my instagram lately, so have been trying to recreate and look through it and create a theme that I like. I'm hoping to find some inspiration and create some different content and to post more often.

new theme by blogmilk

As you have probably noticed, I have changed my theme !

I didn't realise how easy it was to set up. I had bought a theme from Etsy previously and found it so difficult. I just wish tht the themes were responsive :/

Sunday 13th 

Orphans Kitchen

March was their #RootToPetal month of vegetarian and vegan exploration... which we were not aware of.. hahahha...

The portions were sad for my dish anyways. It was basically egg and toast with some seaweed sprinkled on it. Everything tasted good, I was just especially grateful that I had bought kumara chips.
They were bomb and necessary to get full
We both got the ginger soda, which is hella ginger (clearly uses real ginger - good on ya O.Kitchen) so be prepared, I personally like the taste - but would have liked it to be a bit more sweet

The normal menu (found on Zomato) looks a lot more appetising..will obviously be back to try out other things but with such high expectations this was sort of a downer.

Saturday 19th 
Mondays & Barista Cats

How awesome are these palm trees and how awesome is Docie's outfit
This is just by Mondays eatery - it's their yoga studio etc.
It is surprisingly such a nice place to take some #ootds

Cat Bistro

Unfortunately I would not recommend Barista Cats.. the cats were rescued or once stray so not very playful.. The first cat I petted, bit me LOL. It didn't hurt but it wasn't exactly a great start. I was just terrified the whole time basically hahhaha. They would also fight each other quite a bit, as cats do. My cousin went later on in the same day and actually got swiped at and started to bleed....

They were still super cute and the drinks and people were absolutely lovely

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