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April Favourites 2016


some music, food and makeup faves

little black bag
chanel translucent powder

So the only thing really new is this cute asf bag and chanel translucent powder!

Bag is from Shein and is smaller than i expected but veeeery cute!
Cannot wait to take this out. It has inner zip pockets and also a little slip at the back so despite its size it'll be handy for lots

nature never ceases to amaze me.

nike bralette + ivy park shorts

I got this from the Nike store in Botany
'scuss the fat poppin out

this saying doe.. so true

My faves
(and liking my makeup from the night - thanks to Stila soul palette)


@ chuffed on High St

@Cali on Nuffield in Newmarket

I went twice in a week haha

Would recommend their korean fried chicken tacos (same chicken as the snack so wouldn't recommend getting both like we did lol) and the chips HOLY MOLY the chips were so good. 

I enjoyed the burger (which actually comes with fries but I was sick) but honestly it needs more kimchi! haha 

Wouldn't recommend the black rice and coconut pudding.
I have a bland palette and I couldn't eat it.. maybe if you're really on that healthy buzz.. it's probably an acquired taste as well .. idk it just tasted like tissue paper to me lol. 


I havw become obsessed with Kehlani.
I saw G-Eazy post a 21st birthday post for her and delved into her music.

I've also started to get more into Deep House or as I call it chill EDM and these are just a few of my favourites. It's safe to say I am converted haha.
Majestic Casual on Youtube have a lot of great music finds, so if you like that type of music, check them out!

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