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May Favourites 2016


May Favourites 2016

best thing that happened in May

Been jammin' these a ton in May

Knew Better/ Forever Boy - Ariana Grande

One Dance + Controlla - Drake

fashion piece

got these ACNE denim jeans from Onceit - $70
I also ended up getting them altered at smart

New fave spot

Tanuki's Cave

Fave new fried chicken spot

No1 Chicken !

They don't provide free water?! That's so crazy to me.

But the spicy chicken is pretty bomb, I would pick boneless. I had it with bones and it wasn't much juicier than the rest.

Half a chicken with chips was enough for me, with some leftovers but honestly, if I just let me pants out I think I could've finished it all. Didn't wanna look crazy in front of the workmates though.. hahah

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