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June Favourites 2016


My June Favourites for 2016
Includes a splash of palm leaf, whoopass, pretty neck ties, academy recommendation, denim and bomb food from two places in Auckland.

This palm leaf doe

It's been a pretty hectic month for me.. shifting jobs and finally doing what I studied is daunting and so exciting!

I have lost a lot of inspiration and given into laziness and self-doubt but it changes now. It's hard in this fucked up world to not waste time but I better not waste anymore... but I probably will but at least a lot less.

I got the fake leaf from Kmart.. yeah I probably do go there at least twice a month.. HAHAH
It was $6 and having seen this everywhere I'm glad I can grab this instead of searching in a bush somewhere.

The typography print is by MaikoNagao ! She's so talented and makes the cutest prints and has a great instagram if you're feeling in need of some inspo - click her name too check it out.

Neck Ties

I got these babies from my friend Lulu - she's a fashion designer and graduate. Check out her instagram @lululiustudios & send her a quick DM if you're interested, she's selling them for around $15 each!

Shaw Academy

I am currently doing a course (started end of June) in Social Media and loving it so far.'
Would highly recommend it and they normally have offers for the first course being free!

I really need to take an excel course
Click here for more !

Kmart Garment Steamer 

So fucking cute
I love this thing! I got the smaller one, it comes in white with some mint detailing.

It was only around $40
It's only a a small one and there isn't much of a water filler to make it last long but it's pretty useful and works great. I managed to steam up two shirts so having water at the ready close by will make it easiest to make the task less annoying.. although I found it rather fun the first time round haha.

Acne jeans

I got these for around $70 on onceit
I have no idea if these are second hand, although I imagine they are.
I am in absolute love. I literally JUST fit these, thanks to my child bearing hips.  The waist is a little loose but the thighs are juuuuust right if not a little tight. I got the size 28/32 and had to obviously get these altered for my height.

Meadow in St Johns

I loved the berry smoothie, food, service and the atmosphere! The only thing was how they serve sparkling water straight away.. I asked for still but they kept it in the same style cup and so when someone came around again they served me sparkling.. It is a VERY little thing but the thing is this happens everywhere unless they change up the style of cup so they know so it's a pet peeve of mine when going to cafes like these.

I love how open the layout of meadow is, it is completely covered by glass so you can look around 360. It made me feel instantly brighter with the sun beaming through and I could imagine it would look pretty when raining as well.

I will definitely be back to try more food and that pea mash... mmm and omg those potatoes were so gooood, so damn crispy and tasty. Just wish that dish had some green on it to cleanse the palette.

Burger Burger Potato Skins are life

Not a new addition to the foodie travels but their potato skins holy bejebus omfkinggosh, they were so goooooood!!

I don't even have a photo of them because they came late and then we freakin demolished it.

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