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July Favourites 2016


Hello August.
Bye July.


consisting of:
Stila's Soul Palette, Chanel lipsticks, INSTAX polaroid mini camera, Public Desire high ankle booties, decjuba bracelet,NARS illuminatior stick, Aesop hydratring mask (you can leave it on for up to 30mins... I was soooold on that), Bobbi Brown gel liner, Giorgio Armani foundation - luminous silk (ABSOLUTE favourite/ must have - I have bad skin and have used a loooot of foundation and this is the best in terms of colour match and also texture), b.clean perfume, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact - beige and Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Chronography watch.

@ Vector Arena

He was fucking amazing. 
If you get a chance, you have to see him live.

I have videos but blogger doesn't let me upload them and Youtube takes a million years and I want to edit it so it looks nice but then I'm me so that won't happen.. or maybe but na. I need that Final Cut Pro X lol why am I still writing

Depot bar & Eatery
My Zomato review here for more 

This place not only looks good but also has some pretty damn good food and trust me I've been to some really aesthetic places w/ some hella average food. Solid 8/10

Lonely Jumper
from: Designer Wardrobe - facebook group

I got this for $80 - initially I thought a bidding war was going to ensue but then the chick said she would just let me have it for $80 - yas. There are some good ones still left on there. hahaha 

Mauve Sheer Coat & White Pleat Top
Coat from Glassons - instore/online
Top from Eightslate - online

I have been  wearing this combo so much at work & each piece separately.
I am in love with the mauve - it just hits my ankles.. I'm 5ft so for you people of 'normal' height it'll probably hit you just below the knee. It's very light, so not warm like at all but great for layering and the colour itself is reason enough to brave the cold to show it off.

That pleat top is the epitome of 'pleats please'. 
I got this on big 50-80% off sale a while back from Eightslate and only recently started rocking it and I have no idea why I didn't start this earlier. I got it for $20-30 in total including shipping split between about 5 items.

Shipping is hella expensive though so grab a friend, no jokes, more like grab a few friends to save on that shipping cost.

High Ankle Suede Booties w/ a Clear Heel
from: Public Desire via ASOS - online

Need I say more? 
This trend is probably everywhere by now. It's slimming, edgy and also probably a whole lot more comfortable than heels. 

These aren't so comfortable.. they lack a solid bedding for the sole and when I put in the gel pads it made the toe area a little bit tight so it's less pressure on the sole but more pressure around the toes.. I still wear it though haha.

This looks great with tight pants, so slimming and everyone will give you compliments #pdbae 

*excuse the dirty mirror

Classic High Top Chucks
from: Onceit - online/app

Surprisingly, I haven't ever actually bought my own pair of chucks! I had a dirty blue pair handed down from my sister that I use to cherish and think I was so cool wearing. 

I got these from Onceit for only $55 + $5 or maybe <$10 for shipping so a pretty good deal! 

You will need to sign up to be a part of Onceit but I find it to be the least annoying weekly/daily sale site. The app is super easy to use and I find that their stuff is quite stylish, if not a little bit more expensive than the other sites. And sometimes not even a deal just bringing you out-of-NZ items (which trust me there's a lot - I mean we're only getting Zara and H&M at the end of this year?! wtf)

AMINA - Grey Sandal w/ Clear Heels
from: EGO UK - online store

These shoes.. omg.. they are everything

They make your legs looks so good and the colour just compliments just about anything you wear.
They are comfy minus the possible outage of pinky toe but not ideal when it's cold outside.. my feet went straight numb haha.

but honestly holy shit the body of the shoe is so thin my feet hang over it and there is some serious strength needed to keep my pinky toe inside of those straps... would recommend sizing up for EGO shoes. Find this particular pair here

That-totally-overused Dog Filter

apparently my dark ass pits look like a face.. that's cool

Location : fabric on High St, Auckland Central

and to finish.. how cute is this ?

They stock comme des garcon and other too-cool-for-me&my-wallet brands here.

fabric on High St

I lied let's end on this.. and my thoughts on how am I suppose to save for my overseas trip at the end of the year and will my job even give me the full leave cause four day holidays be taking up time anyways.. Zzz

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