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Adventure ⚔


⚔ Adventure ⚔

First outfit post of the year.

I've changed - as I believe we all should (for the better) 

I'm blonde

I'm single

I'm a business owner

I'm a colour person now 

I'm a sriracha lover after finally trying it for my first time - and I cannot stop eating it with my scrambled eggs (use soy milk!).  Honestly try it it's fucking delicious.

I forgot how fun this stuff can be.

I'm going to bed now. Night!

Side note: It's been a year since someone I wasn't close to but knew of - spoke to on occasion and was very close to those who I cherish most- passed away. He made me smile at a point in my life where I felt so low, his genuine love and smile is something I will always remember and his passing has deepened my love for strangers, to be more attentive to my friends, smile more, talk to my family more and pushed me to be a better person and not back down anymore..

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