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πŸ‘Š Add Oil πŸ‘Š


Add Oil πŸ‘Š

A day of planned productivity and sweaty in oversized vintage Levis

Location: Nuffield St
Near Cali Cafe

Had a little business meeting to try plan 2017
There's something about going to a cafe and working that appeals to me.

I have been struggling to stick to those plans and strategies but I know I'm trying.
I've just got to keep trudging on. Work through my mind and do the things that I want to do.

So simple right... haha

Frames: ASOS Aviators - popped out the sunglass lens
Shirt: Wong Fu Productions Merch - DIY cut to crop
Bag: SHEIN (use to be Sheinside)
Jeans: Vintage Levis via Magic Hollow Pop Up & DIY frayed ends and cause I'm short
Shoes: TopShop

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  1. Cute outfit!




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