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My IG is quite different to who I am irl btw.

My blog posts are a bit more personal
I'm actually quite shy
I always feel a bit awkward when someone from my personal - especially work- life have me on IG like soz I am a lie hahahaha

She's my alter ego - what can I say..
Some people therefore can come to the assumption that I'm full of myself - since my persona on IG does have that sort of vibe.
Fashion/IG/Social media takes me into a space of comfort and freedom. It's like indulging in fries - that's the feeling I get from this..

I've had a month of desired seclusion. I felt like this is what depression must feel like. You're so stuck and so willingly unwilling to let yourself stay there. Posting on IG would always help me get back into reality and feel like myself (well a certain part of myself).

Next week I have a meeting that I hope will bring me some sense of closure on something that has brooded on my mind since it happened. When I feel the way that I had been feeling it always propels me to just do things so in a way it has it's reason as the cause to this effect.

The ramblings of Maye. Hope you can relate lol.

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