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S T O P  S L E E P I N G 

Somehow I have been managing to sleep 15hours a night in the weekend

I don't understand it but even when I wake up the next day - since I usually end up doing this on a Saturday .. I'm still tired.

I don't personally think this is due to going dairy free / ovo - pescatarian since I've been able to do this beforehand.. it's more likely the 5 hour sleeps catching up on me.. as I write this at 1am lol...

I'm working on it though.. It's something that I have become quite dedicated to.. trying to better myself through nutrition and changing my lifestyle which has really just been a gradual thing not a type of cold turkey thing. It was hard to grip for myself as I would ask people why omg but as I got into this lifestyle I realised just how gradual this really was and how comforting it was to just be able to say that this is the lifestyle I want to lead (and not to mention it held me to it)

My skin has cleared a lot due to becoming dairy-free. Although, I am breaking out atm - I blame my random movement into daily coffees and cigarettes... something about watching sex and the city ignites that part of me. It's a social thing I like to think - ahahah I'm so easily swayed into these things.. lol.

Hope everyone has been well ... I'm looking to making a dairy-free blog/recipe site but I do want to have some better recipes before I really get into it... I have so many little projects and not working to my fullest potential (inner rage Zzz) but all you can do is get back on that grind, get into that better mind space and keep moving forward. Grab a friend to just chill and laugh with - I find that always helps... Love to those - you know who you are <3

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